The Loire River Valley is the history of France, and it's full of charming landscapes. Especially fascinate small towns that appear on the road from castle to castle. Small neat cottages are buried in verdure and flowers with cobblestone paths and stone fences. It seems that the time has stopped here, so carefully the locals preserved what was left for them by their grandparents. Comfort of modernity doesn't spoil the charm of these places, only cars and the inhabitants do not give the possibility to be lost in time, returning to reality. The Loire Valley is the wedding dress of France, with the only difference that it wasn't hidden in chest. It can be tried even today. Around the world there are the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China. Loire Renaissance castles are in the same row. This is a part of human culture and history, if you wish, its foundation, without which the idea of civilization would not be complete.

The first thing that comes to the head when you come in the province: God certainly favoured France if he gave it the ocean and sea coast, Alpine peaks, lavender meadows of Provence, Champagne fields and even such an oasis of calm and harmony as the Loire Valley. Stay on the river bank, watching the fishermen. Maybe you will feel like how smoothly one century moved into another...

The places surrounding the river Loire were woody and sometimes swampy. They also were rich for different animals, therefore attracted here crowned lovers of hunting. Not for nothing this part of the Loire, where the famous French chateaux are so closely located, has been named "Kings Boulevard." Once upon a time in these places were about 2000 castles, now remained only 500 of them.

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