Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Central Europe, belongs to both Switzerland and France.

The Lake Geneva Region is a miniature Switzerland, and opens in front of your eyes surprise by surprise. Its main cities are Geneva and Lausanne, its main sights - alpine peaks and palms on the shore of the lake. The coastal resort of Montreux is widely known for the holding of the international jazz festival, and the town of Vevey is known for having one of the most famous winemaking holidays in the world. Lake Geneva is a romantic place and a paradise for tourists! Almost throughout the year there held various forums, fairs, festivals which obtained the international recognition: Geneva Motor Show, music festival in Nione, Telecom, the Montreux Jazz Festival and many others, and also countless symposiums on all known and unknown for science sciences.

Due to its unique location at the intersection of major transportation routes of Europe, modern international airport, a developed tourist infrastructure, a rich historical heritage, fine gastronomy, and the mild climate the region and hotels of Lake Geneva is a favourite place of rest for people from around the world. At the heart of beautiful scenic park, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, there is the hotel "La Reserve". The talent of Jacques Garcia allowed to restore the glory of the hotel. Elegant, allowing to relax, cozy, but at the same time, a luxurious building reflects a new mood of the most famous hotels in Geneva.