Annecy lake, surrounded by mountains and alpine scenery, is famous for its hospitable cafe terraces and confectionery. The city is beautiful and rich, place of holidays; with its casinos it's been compared to Venice. However, the climate is cold and so naturally that after long wander you will want to drink a cup of hot chocolate and eat something sweet.

Despite the fact that the mountains are already covered with snow, it's warm and quiet here. Only in the morning there is a fog over the lake. True diamond! Annecy is the old city, and normal traffic becomes absolutely impossible: to get to the rear of the old town from the quay you'll have to bypass the entire city. But, having settled in some hotel, you will have to prepare a serious appetite, because the journey at the old city is not so much walk along the rivers, flowing into the lake, but round the number of bars and restaurants of this town, sanctified by Napoleon III, who was sailing here on the steamboat (there is a commemorative plate).

Perhaps, in honour of the Emperor, the most beautiful hotel with a casino is called L'Imperial Palace; it's located in the park on the shore of the purest lake of Europe.

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