Lakes of France

Resting on the lakes of Europe is not just a pleasure for the elite, but also for everyone. The point is not that it is expensive. Just to get a delight from such rest you need to have a good taste, to be a good judge of comfort and to appreciate nature and peace. Lakes are visited by romantic people. Here you escape from crowds of tourists; here nobody will disturb your rest. But the land of lakes doesn't mean just silence, occasionally interrupted by the tolling of bells in old churches, the smell of the grass, dark green thick forests, vivid blue lakes. It is also the magnificence of centuries old hotels, real palaces that mix the architectural styles of the beginning of the 20th century and the comfort of the 21st century. Resting in any of them one can understand that the term "beautiful life" means something very specific. These old French Hotels, built on the lakes of France, are not just beautiful, luxurious and comfortable. Many of them have SPA-centers, which are known throughout the world.